Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Chapter I: Kitchen Rules

We have to see the kitchen as the Alchemical Laboratory, where the health and evolution of the entire family begins. The person preparing the food becomes the alchemist of the family and the oven becomes ‘Athanor’, the magic crucible, in which ordinary aliments are converted into divine food.

If we want to become ‘culinary magicians’ we must follow some simple rules:
1. The kitchen is a sacred temple. Never go inside it when you are upset or having a negative mood. Don’t raise your voice and never fight inside your sacred temple;

2. Before entering the kitchen clean yourself and change the clothes and shoes you wear outside your home;

3. Inside the kitchen always wear clothes and apron specially energized;

4. Never consume food in a standing position, directly from the fridge or in a hurry;

5. The kitchen and the dishes are always clean;

6. Always eat on a clean tablecloth;

7. Before eating, we always thank: God (Supreme/Prime Creator), the one who prepared the food, to the plants we consume, (to the sacrificed animals if you are not a vegetarian or vegan yet – Learn Why You Should Become a Vegetarian AND Read my articles compilation proving that Humans Are Not Meat Eaters by Nature), etc. ;

8. While preparing the food, the ‘alchemist’ always steers counterclockwise;

9. Don’t have a conversation while eating (especially business or stress related topics);

10.  Always have a special guest while eating: God (Supreme/Prime Creator);


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