Monday, January 10, 2011

French salad with beets and corn

200 g baked or pickled beets;
1 small canned corn;
Green Lettuce;
Red Lettuce;
150g. Light mayonnaise (one small jar);
Black olives (pitted)
A medium cucumber;
Bellows Cottage (crumb);
A red onion;

Apple vinegar with honey;

Chop the beets and the onion into small cubes. Wash, then chop the lettuce (both red and green) into thin strips. Slice the olives and the cucumber into rings (then slice the cucumber rings in 3-4 stripes). Drain the corn.

Put all ingredients in a bowl, add the apple vinegar and pour the mayonnaise on top. Stir to give a pink sauce. You can add salt and pepper, to taste.

You can give up the mayonnaise for a healthy salad.
I recommend the apple vinegar with honey as a substitute for all vinegars.


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